Why the "How to become a successful travel agent program" is for you!

top cropped offYou have been thinking for some time about becoming a travel agent because you have a passion for travel and you enjoy planning your own vacations.  You may already plan other people’s vacations for free.  Can I do it?  Where do I start? Who can I ask? It is not like you can just walk into your local travel agency and start asking questions about how to become a travel agent. 

You may have looked into online certifications promising a thriving career in the travel industry, but the cost is several thousand dollars.  The price tag made you pause and you started to wonder if the return on investment is worth the cost, after all, you aren't sure you can turn this hobby into a full-time career.  Maybe you already have a full-time job, or just graduated from college, or want to do this part-time now that you are retired. Should you invest thousands without a guarantee of success?  Quickly you get discouraged by the dollar signs of the online courses.  You have set the idea aside but that fire inside you keeps telling you to follow this passion - you KNOW you will be good at it. 

Embrace your passion and start the Travel Agent School Supporting Learning and Education’s How to Become A SUCCESSFUL Travel Agent Program™.  This is the affordable program you have been waiting for!  This is the program that is going to teach you about being a travel agent with HIGH CONTENT modules focusing on several facets of the travel industry including air, hotel, and travel insurance.  What sets this program apart from any other online travel agent program is that WE TEACH YOU Where to FIND Clients, How to KEEP Clients, and How to continually Receive REFERRALS over and over again.  No other travel agent program out there will give you this proprietary blend that will make you a SUCCESSFUL travel agent and IS AFFORDABLE!  Don't spend thousands of dollars on other courses, webinars, seminars, and certifications that aren't going to teach you everything that the How to Become A SUCCESSFUL Travel Agent Program™ will teach you.

We foster a positive and supportive tribe to ask questions, learn from, and lean on when you need them the most.  Learn from others who are in the program and from those who have already finished the program.  Our monthly meeting calls will motivate, empower, and energize your PASSION for becoming a travel agent.  We are here to support you 100% through your journey, that is my PERSONAL guarantee!

How to Become a SUCCESSFUL Travel Agent

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about the How to Become a Successful travel agent program

T.A.S.S.L.E’s “How to Become SUCCESSFUL Travel Agent Program™” is a proprietary blend of 11 modules teaching and coaching you on how to become a successful travel agent. This is the ONLY program on the market that will teach you about the various facets of the travel industry including hotels, air, and travel insurance to name a few, AND How to Attract Clients, How to Keep clients, and How to Continually get referrals from Clients. You would have to take several courses together that will cost you thousands of dollars to gain the same knowledge that you will learn in “How to Become a SUCCSSFUL Travel Agent Program.™” We are all about supporting, learning, and education, and we are here to help you 100% of the way!

  • Getting to Know the Travel Industry
  • Where to find clients
  • How to Keep clients coming back for more and Referrals
  • Marketing and advertising

One school, so many benefits for you!


A total of 11 High-Content, Laser focused modules that will give you the understanding you need to be a SUCCESSFUL travel agent in the ever growing travel industry.


We are here to support you 100% in your journey to becoming a successful travel agent through one on one coaching, group forums, and our team of agents.

Continuing Education

Our team is here to provide continuing education through webinars, monthly strategy phone calls, and so much more!

Book Travel Right Away

During the program you are going to feel motivated to book travel right away, so why not! You have the option to start out as an independent contractor with Life is Better Traveling, LLC. Book travel while taking the program and watch how the program pays for itself in your first few bookings!

Mary Yohannan, Founder and Mentor

DSC_3967 67x63 lxwMary has an authentic passion for her travel business and has seen her business grown consistently year after year.  She has booked a significant number of vacations for so many amazing clients, but it wasn’t always that way for Mary.  Even though Mary had the knowledge and expertise, she was struggling to find clients.  She wasn’t making enough to help support her family, and started to wonder if this was the career path for her. 

One day Mary decided that she wanted to make this a flourishing career, own her own agency, and bring independent contractors onto her travel agency.  In just a few short months, Mary did just all of that and more!  She implemented a few steps into her daily routine, started systems, and began mentoring her independent contractors with what she was doing.  With the steps working in her business and her independent contractors businesses, she decided to make an ALL-INCLUSIVE program that shows you exactly how to get clients, how to keep clients, and what you need to know about the travel industry.

Mary is a contributor to the Pittsburgh Moms Blog and loves to write articles on family travel and tips and tricks for traveling with kids.  

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