3 Tips on How to start the conversation

Being present and showing up, gets results.  The End!  I hope you enjoyed this newsletter.  I wish it was that easy, right?  It is not.  Showing up and being present is just one step.  Once you are there you have to engage people.  Engaging people can be tough, especially if you are nervous or anxious to talk with people.  Many of us do various events to get the name of our travel agency into the community, and in return increase business.  However, events mean engaging people to talk about travel.


When we do an event we all wish that people would easily sign-up for our giveaway and talk about booking their next vacation with us.  The truth is, when we are at events, not everyone is interested in talking with us.  You may have the person who is walking by looking at your booth, smiles, and keeps walking.  Or, my personal favorite, the person who walks by and says they need a vacation.  You laugh, they laugh, and they keep walking.  Yes, this happens to all travel agents.



I learned after my first event, that it can be simple to engage people.  Yes, simple.  I want to share three tips with you so that at your next event it can also be simple for you to engage people.


  • Stand out from behind your table.  Push your table to the back wall if you can, it gives more space for people to come into your booth.  Stand out in the front, and simple say “Hello.”


  • Always ask a question that leaves a positive feeling.  “What was your favorite vacation ever?”,  “What was the best food you ever enjoyed while on vacation?”,  “I love your shoes!” (this statement works all the time!)


  • Use a poster of the destination or a supplier you are showcasing and put it in the front of your booth.  As people walk by and look at it, ask them if they know where the destination is and if they have been there.  This is an amazing conversation starter. 

Once they start to relax, talk with them about what you do and the benefits that you as a travel agent bring to the table.  I always have two to three sentences prepared how a value a travel agent brings and why our clients love working with our travel agency time and time again.  At this point, they start to ask me questions, and a full conversation is in motion.  Lastly get their information for follow-up and your newsletter.  Many times just giving your card to someone is not enough.  Always get their information!


Until next time, keep being SUCCESSFUL!