August 15, 2016

Consider Joining the Life is Better Traveling Brand

Are you ready to start selling travel packages immediately?

You are getting ready to start a NEW career in the travel industry, and you are excited to start booking travel.  Purchasing the T.A.S.S.L.E. program is the first step, but how do you start booking travel with suppliers.  You will need a host agency, and the Life is Better Traveling brand is where to start. 

What is the Life is Better Traveling Brand?

The Life is Better Traveling brand is a host agency that provides you the travel industry credentials you need to start booking travel immediately.  They provide you continual support, marketing materials, forums to ask questions, mentoring programs, supplier webinars and courses, consortia benefits, and so much more.  They also support you 100% in becoming your own brand.  High commission splits with tangible advancements, and commission are paid out to you quickly so you can put the money back into your business.  A low yearly fee of just $99 let’s you continually receive all the benefits the Life is Better Traveling Brand has to offer.

As an independent contractor you get…

* High Commission Split starting at 80% with tangible advancement up to 95%
* Mentoring programs including monthly Question and Answer calls with Mary
* Forums for support to ask questions and talk about accomplishments
* Continuing Education through Webinars, Training programs, and Meetings

* Consortia Benefits including blocked space with added amenities

* Commissions paid to you quickly so you can build your business
* Client Relations Management System (CRM) to track sales and commissions.  Capability to bring on your own independent contractors and track their sales and commissions with your own splits







 Life is Better Traveling is a Proud agency member of CCRA and an IATAN accredited travel agency.


How do I start as an Independent Contractor with the Life is Better Traveling Brand?

It is easy!  You can start when you start the T.A.S.S.L.E program by simply choosing Option A which is purchasing the program and coming on as an independent contractor with Life is Better Traveling.  If you have already started the program and now want to come on or you are just interested in coming on as independent contractor, we are excited to have you join our team!  To get started simply fill out the form below.


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