Are you tapping into the hierarchy of needs of your clients?

Abraham Maslow proposed a “A Theory of Human Motivation” which describes a 5-tiered pyramid of the essential needs of all human beings.  Only when the lower tiers are satisfied will a person be able to enjoy the next tier.  The lower tiers include tangible needs such as food, clothing, shelter, personal and financial security, and health.  Once these tiers are met, people will start look for nonmaterial needs such as friendships, self-confidence, freedom, and self-actualization.  This theory was proposed in 1943, which we all know was a different time with many historically important acts occurring here in America.


(FNAME), I personally believe that we are all satisfied by some tangible needs first, but we also look to use travel as our self-actualization.  In today’s society with millions of self-help books, webinars, seminars, etc., people are finding they don’t need to as much in tangible needs but want more experiences.  People want to achieve inner confidence and master the understanding of the true meaning of life.  This is where you come in Subscriber, as their travel planner to achieving that experience.





When you start to market your ability to give an experience that helps them attain self-actualization, confidence, and freedom, you are tapping into their hierarchy of needs.  Whether that person is looking to take a spiritual journey to the Holy land or walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, when you market the experience you are tapping into them like pushing a plug into an outlet.  The most successful travel agents are not listing components of a vacation with a price tag, they are painting a picture of an experience.


Try painting the picture when you sit down to do your marketing for the week.  Think of your favorite vacation place and describe in colorful words the feelings you felt, the things that you saw, and memories that you now have for a lifetime.  When you paint the picture of your own experiences first you will have created the most authentic marketing you will ever do.  Have a great time painting!



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