Are your advertisements PURPLE COWS?

I am reading this amazing book, which I will tell you the name at the end of the article because I don’t want you to click off way too quickly.  In this book, the author briefly talks about their grumble with businesses who advertise in newspapers, one in particular which I won’t name.  You see, he travels a lot and when he is sitting in the bar or breakfast area he sees people reading this one well known national newspaper with full page ads on the back.  In an experiment, he started to ask people if they could tell him the name of the business on the back page without looking.  Most of the time the reader could not remember the name of the business.  WOW!


Imagine that your business did a full-page ad in a national newspaper and it cost you several thousands of dollars but people weren’t even seeing it.  I think you would be very upset or if you had a marketing person, probably ask them to rethink where to market your business.  The truth is, as a society we have become accustomed to advertisements.  We see them everywhere…on the TV, in print, on the side of the road, even on my grocery cart.  They are everywhere!  Gone are the days when newspapers where one of the only means for people to learn about new products or services.


So is advertising in a newspaper obsolete?  No, but you have to now be that Purple Cow, which is the name of the book I was telling you about in the beginning.  When you do a marketing campaign that really gets people’s attention and makes your business stand out from the rest, that is when your business will be noticed.  People will say to their friends, “On page 6 of this national paper there is this advertisement that you just have to check out.”


So how do you make a Purple Cow out of your business?  Well, you will have to read the book but the good news is that Seth Godin writes so well, that this book is such an easy read.  You can get through this book in a day, and learn about how society has changed the way we see advertisements and how businesses now have to change they way they advertise to get noticed.


Are you ready to turn your advertising into a Purple Cow?


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