I’m going to tell you what to WRITE….

Let Me Tell You What To Write About   There is so much about travel out there in newspapers, articles, the Internet, etc.  You can get ideas of what to write about just by opening your inbox, if you are subscribing to various travel websites including those that cater to travel agents.  When you do Read more about I’m going to tell you what to WRITE….[…]

What EMAILS are you sending?

What is an electronic newsletter?  An electronic newsletter is a newsletter you send out to your clients via email with VALUABLE information.  Many travel agents are already sending emails to their clients about upcoming promotions for various suppliers, but let’s be honest, we all can only take so many of them.  I get promotion after Read more about What EMAILS are you sending?[…]

How do you feel about Referrals?

Reviews   I recently noticed that many travel agents do not ask their clients to give them reviews.  With so many of us on various websites, and/or social media platforms, and in today’s society where so many people make their decisions based on reviews, why aren’t we asking people for reviews?  After all, most travel Read more about How do you feel about Referrals?[…]

Social Media Prescence

Social Media Presence   Being a travel agent isn’t only about booking vacation packages for people.  There are many layers to your onion, and each layer is core to making sure you grow!  One layer of that onion is social media presence.  What do I mean by social media presence?  It is not just about Read more about Social Media Prescence[…]

Do you have to say “Yes” to everyone?

Do you have to say “Yes” to everyone?School is back in session which means PTO, Girl/Boy Scouts, fundraising, sports, and holiday activities. Every day my kids come home with a mound of paperwork, mostly their writing and drawings for the day, but also constant requests for help. I used to volunteer for everything, thinking I Read more about Do you have to say “Yes” to everyone?[…]

Are You a Sprinter or a Distance Runner? It could also be the way you run your business.

I recently started back to the gym after a six-year hiatus. I wanted to ease back into it. I was nervous about having sore muscles the day after workouts, so I decided to go at my pace. I am a treadmill person, and I love to put my headphones on, watch my marketing YouTube videos and walk at Read more about Are You a Sprinter or a Distance Runner? It could also be the way you run your business.[…]

Do you know your NUMBERS?

So many business owners and travel agents are excited about the sales they have so far for 2017, but do they truly know if their sales are GOOD? I have had some business owners tell me that all sales are good sales, but I don’t truly believe this and I am going to tell you Read more about Do you know your NUMBERS?[…]