Become a Travel Agent BECAUSE…

10 Reasons to Become a Travel Agent in 2019


# 1 Your job is your passion – Many people love to travel and there are a few who have a true passion for it.  When that passion for travel becomes strong, why not consider becoming a travel agent so you can share this passion with the rest of the world?  You can have a job that you are truly passionate about which will make you feel happy, rewarded, fulfilled, energetic, and love for what you are doing.


# 2 Work from Home – Many people have this misconception that all travel agents work at a brick and mortar locations.  There are actually more travel agents that work from home as home-based travel agents than those who work in a brick and mortar travel agency.


# 3 Set your own hours – Many home-based travel agents set their own work schedules.  This allows them to work when they want, giving them the freedom to also focus on their family and friends.  Home-based travel agents can book travel either full-time or part-time allowing you to set your own hours around other commitments.


# 4 Be your own boss – You have the freedom to build your own brand independently or with a host agency, like Life is Better Traveling.  Building your own brand gives you the ability to bring on your own independent contractors under your brand and start building the business of your dreams.


# 5 Set your own Service Fee amount – Travel agents are starting to embrace the value of their services and are charging service fees upfront for the time it takes to plan a vacation.  You can set your own service fee amount which will bring in more income for you.


# 6 Become THE EXPERT – You don’t have to sell the world anymore!  You can focus on a niche, destination, or target market and just sell those products, suppliers, or services.  When you decide to carve out your own spot, you become the travel agent who is now the most sought after travel agent in that space.


# 7 The people you meet – You get to meet some of the most amazing people when you become a travel agent.  Whether they are referred to you or you meet them at a vendor show, people love to talk about travel.  You get to hear about exotic destinations, amazing food, great experiences and how friendships got started. You’ll also get to hear about bad experiences like missed connections, rough seas, and frustrating suppliers. The experience of listening to others talking about travel will make you a better travel agent and give you insight into why travel good agents are so valued!


# 8 Planning vacation experiences – Travel agents are finding that many people now what to “experience” something on their vacation.  Whether they want to relax, follow in the footsteps of their ancestors, or learn to make pasta in the Tuscany region of Italy.  The travel agent is now making those experiences come to life and creating memories of a lifetime for a family.


# 9 Familiarization Trips – The misconception that travel agents travel for free has been around for many years.  The truth is many suppliers and even certain destinations offer hugely discounted trips so the travel agent can educate themselves on the products and services available.  Education is a travel agent’s most powerful tool when it comes to selling travel and familiarization trips can give you a big return on investment.


# 10 Mingling with other travel agents –  There are so many professional development opportunities within the travel industry that you can attend.  These meetings will teach you about marketing, advertising, new trends, etc. but the best part is meeting other travel agents and talking with them.  Learning from those around you will only make you a better travel agent, and these meetings are the gateway to becoming a SUCCESSFUL travel agent.