Consistency, Courtesy, and Problem-Solving…Oh My!

All the business books I have read include is a section about standards. Standards are what help your business grow. If you think about many of the businesses that you patronize, you go there time and time again because you have become accustomed to the service they provide. You know that it will be consistent every time you go. (Read the McDonald’s Story) When they are slightly off that day, you notice it. They most likely train their employees with standards that include consistency, courtesy, and problem-solving.

It seems that when a company has standards that employees follow, the business runs better and efficiently. When I started to implement standards for my travel business, I found that I was way more efficient in everyday tasks. I wasn’t re-inventing the wheel with each new client. When I started to implement consistency, courtesy, and problem-solving into my travel business, I saw people leaving me amazing reviews and referring me to other people. I am providing them the same service I provide to all my clients, and they continue to get that same service from me when they come back.

So you may be thinking what standards do you need for your travel business? You should have standards that you follow with each client or lead that comes into your travel agency. Try to answer the following questions to determine what and how you may want to implement into your travel business:

1. How do I want to greet a client when they walk into the door or call me on the phone? (maybe you offer them a beverage when they walk in, or you have a nice greeting that makes feel at ease talking with you on the phone)

2. What questions, qualifying questions, will I ask each client? (if you have a niche, you can make a list of questions and consistently use them for each client or if you sell multiple facets of the travel industry, you have one for each facet.)

3. What will “extras” you provide to your clients who have booked their vacations with you? (maybe you give them a gift, OBC, resort credit, travel agency bon voyage packet, etc)

4. What information will each client get who have booked with your agency? (this is a great place to use a system that will implement a workflow or workspace that automatically sends out the information for you.)

5. How will you handle an inquiry from an upset client on vacation? (addressing the client’s concerns is key, but the client should know if there is after hours number they can call, do they call you directly, or will get an automated system.)

6. Will you follow-up with the client after the vacation? (this is a great time to find out where strengths and weaknesses are in you and your travel agency)

Incorporating consistency, courtesy, and some problem-solving standards into your travel business will help you become more efficient and you will see growth. I did!



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