Do people know EXACTLY where to find you?

I got up in front of seven women and started my 30-second elevator speech. As I was giving the speech I noticed a lot of confused faces, as they were expecting me to talk about what I was going to present on at this live event. When I finished the elevator speech I asked them all one question…” where can you find me?” Some answered the internet, and some answered specifically my travel agency’s website address.


Now, this particular group of women had been meeting since March, so I knew they knew each other’s businesses but I wanted to show them that they don’t know where to SPECIFICALLY find each other. I asked two women to tell me where they can find each other, and they both said in their phones. I asked if they didn’t have their phones, would they be able to give another person the exact place where to find them. They both answered no.


So how did I get seven women knowing EXACTLY where to find me in 30 seconds? Here is how to do it:


1. Say your name, the name of your business, and the website where they can find you.

2. Tell people what you provide to them at the NAME OF YOUR AGENCY. Are you a cruise only planner, all-inclusive planner, destination wedding specialist, etc.

3. Tell people ONE BIG BENEFIT, YOUR NAME OF YOUR AGENCY provides to your clients. Make this the “one reason clients love working with you time and time again.” (NOTE: do not bad mouth other agencies, this is just about your services)

4. Again, tell people your website address and that you are excited to help plan their next vacation.

If you do these for steps next time you give your elevator speech, the person will not only know the name of your travel agency but EXACTLY where to find you when they need to plan their next vacation.


Until next time, keep being SUCCESSFUL!