Do you know your NUMBERS?

So many business owners and travel agents are excited about the sales they have so far for 2017, but do they truly know if their sales are GOOD? I have had some business owners tell me that all sales are good sales, but I don’t truly believe this and I am going to tell you why.

If you are booking travel packages everyday for the last 3 years, you are busy, you are seeing commission checks coming in, and you are happy, maybe even excited, to have all this business. But do you know if your sales from the last 3 years have actually increased from year to year? Do you know if you are making more in commissions from travel packages you put together 3 years ago to today? Do you know your sales numbers for each supplier, destination, and client? If you have answered NO to each one of these questions, then you need to start with an IDEA, take ACTION, and make a PLAN!

Here is your IDEAFigure out your Numbers!

If you use a CRM for your business, you should be able to easily track all of the points I talked about above. If you are using spreadsheets, you will have to take some additional time to go back through and possibly link spreadsheets to determine your numbers, but this is easily doable.

Go back and look to see what your sales were for the last 3 years and see if you are truly growing or if you have plateaued. If you have plateaued you need to FIND OUT WHY. Are you not bringing in new clients, are your existing clients always taking the same vacations, are you not up-selling and cross-selling, are you not charging service fees, etc.


Once you have determined what is making you stick, unstick with a PLAN and ACTION. If you are finding that you have increased the amount of new clients by ZERO, then you need to take some time to get out to vendor events, expos, etc to meet and greet people and list build. If you are always booking your current clients on that same vacation every year, mix it up for them. If you aren’t suggesting some new vacation packages to them, I will tell you this, another travel agent is! If you aren’t up-selling your clients from garden view to oceanfront or cross-selling by adding an excursion or car-rental to their vacation packages, you are missing out a large amount of additional sales and commission.

Get to know your numbers today. The ONLY will help your business grow, and help you feel comfortable knowing more about your business.

Written by Mary Yohannan, CTA