How do you feel about Referrals?



I recently noticed that many travel agents do not ask their clients to give them reviews.  With so many of us on various websites, and/or social media platforms, and in today’s society where so many people make their decisions based on reviews, why aren’t we asking people for reviews?  After all, most travel agents have at least a Facebook business page or a website for people to give us reviews.


I want to talk about 4 DIFFERENT approaches you can use to ask your client for a review.  Each one of these approaches WORKS, but you have to do one of them to get the review.  Let’s get started.


Approach 1:  During the follow-up with a client, tell them that you would greatly appreciate a review from them regarding their experience and you will send them an email with a link where they can leave a review.  You can also make sure that if they are on your Facebook page to ask them to leave a review there too.


Approach 2:  During the follow-up with a client, ask for a verbal review that you can put onto your website.  Having this review to put onto your website it huge, especially if you have a lot of visitors to your site.  Unfortunately, some people believe that you may be “faking” reviews as you are the one putting them on the site yourself.  To deter some people from feeling this way, putting a picture of your client on their vacation next to the review is helpful.


Approach 3:  This is really my least favorite approach but can be VERY effective.  Paying for reviews.  Many businesses will give their clients some type of compensation for a review of their experience.  It is a common practice.  Some companies offer a discount on your next purchase, or a gift card to your favorite store in exchange for a review.  Some people like to up the stakes.  They offer a larger denomination gift card as a raffle.  They will do this two to four times a year to get those reviews.  They send out emails, post on various social media, etc.  You should always say the more sites you place a review, the more chances are put into the raffle.


Approach 4:  If you have an email marketing system, send out an email to all your clients.  In the email, tell them why you are asking for the review, and that you appreciate their feedback.  This method is very effective, and will really increase your amount of reviews.  I have put together an example for you to use below.
Getting reviews on your travel planning services is key in helping make people’s decisions to work with you.  Just like any other company or product you buy, the reviews will help make your decision if you use or purchase their product.  Next time your client comes back from their vacation, make sure to try one of these approaches and see what happens!


Not sure what to say?  Try this next time:


SUBJECT: 3 minutes of your time…


Hi (Firstname),


Thank you for being a loyal client over the years, and it has been my pleasure planning so many vacations with you. I am reaching out to you today, because I am determined to build my online presence.  To help with this, I am looking to my clients to complete a survey about my travel planning services I have provided.


Would you be willing to spend three minutes to provide me a review that will display with my online profile? If so, great! Please click the link below to submit your review.


The feedback you provide will help other prospective travelers who are searching to work with a good travel agent or for me directly, understand the value I bring to my clients. I truly appreciate your feedback and time, and I would love to hear from you soon so we can start planning your next vacation.