I’m going to tell you what to WRITE….

Let Me Tell You What To Write About


There is so much about travel out there in newspapers, articles, the Internet, etc.  You can get ideas of what to write about just by opening your inbox, if you are subscribing to various travel websites including those that cater to travel agents.  When you do this, you will find your inbox inundated with emails about the constant change of the travel industry.  Why not use this information and pass it along to your clients?  I don’t mean copy and paste what someone else has already written, but read what they wrote and do some research and write your own amazing newsletter about the same topic.  Your clients will appreciate up-to-date valuable information about where they plan to travel or how they travel.


One thing that many of us forget is that we are the EXPERT.  What is the definition of an expert?  According to Google® an expert is a person who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of or skill in a particular area.  Yes, that is us!  Some of us are experts on a specific destination, supplier, region, or whatever it may be.  When we are the experts, we know EXACTLY what the client needs to make that vacation amazing, or at least we should.  Write about what the client needs on that cruise, to take with them travel to that destination, where they should be eating and shopping, what excursions are amazing, and changes that are occurring.


As the expert and a travel agent in general, you know that clients asks a lot of questions.  After several bookings, you start to find that client after client ask the same questions.  If you start to write down the questions that you are repeatedly answering for clients, then you have yourself a newsletter and really good one at that.  Newsletters that answer questions to people’s problems are some of the highest rated and opened newsletters.  So make sure to keep track of those questions.


One thing that you always want to make sure you do when writing a newsletter is to STAY IN YOUR LANE!  When you start to stray from travel related articles, your audience will know.  You only have to stray one time, and you will lose the interest of your audience.  Stick to what you know, and write it well.



Until next time, keep being SUCCESSFUL!