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I have been reading a lot of really good books on marketing and in every book, they talk about how many big brand companies in the United States use conventional marketing because that is all they know how to do.  It is the small businesses that are very doing creative and innovative marketing campaigns.  These campaigns are pulling at the heart strings of people, and in turn are getting people to turn to their services rather than the big brand companies.    


Now I own a nice size travel agency, Life is Better Traveling, and I have to be creative with my marketing campaigns.  I have to because there is a good amount of other travel agencies in the area including big named travel agencies.  My marketing is becoming easier because I do one thing constantly with my marketing that other travel agencies don’t, “Paint the Picture.”  Painting the Picture marketing is more of non-conventional marketing idea, but it brings in new leads to our agency consistently.  I simply paint the picture of that ideal vacation that someone wants to take while telling them the benefits of booking with our agency.  Do I bad mouth other travel agencies?  Absolutely NOT!  There is plenty of business for everyone.  I focus on the strong points that my travel agency provides to our clients. 


So I am going to give you the formula for Painting the Picture in your next marketing campaign so you can have the same results I see. 

  1.      Figure out what you want to sell.  Will it be a cruise, all-inclusive, Disney, Hawaii, etc.  Be specific as to what your campaign will focus on. 

  2.      Find an amazing picture of what you are going to sell.  The picture is what will draw them to your marketing campaign.

  3.      Describe the amazing vacation they will have, or paint the picture of the amazing vacation they will have.  For example, if you are selling Disney you might want to say something like…”Your heart will melt and the tears will come the first time you see your child’s face when they hug their favorite Disney Character.  A Disney vacation brings alive the magic in your kids and the emotions in parents, book your next Disney vacation with NAME OF YOUR AGENCY because we help bring that magic and emotions alive.”  When painting the picture, make sure to put in emotions of how people felt when they took that vacation you are selling.  If you are not sure how people felt, read your reviews or go back through your notes from your follow-up phone calls. 

  4.      Benefits of booking with your travel agency.  What is the one or two key benefits of someone booking with your travel agency that may be different than booking with another travel agency.  I am not talking about putting in accolades either.  I am talking about that key thing your agency provides to their clients that truly makes booking with you an amazing experience. 

  5.      Give them your call-to-action.  Your name of your agency, where to find you, how to locate you, and how to get in touch with you. 

When you paint the picture with your marketing campaigns you are tapping into the heart strings of potential clients who were thinking about taking that vacation.  Now that you have put emotion into their thought process, when they are ready to book that vacation they will remember your campaign.

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