Social Media Prescence

Social Media Presence


Being a travel agent isn’t only about booking vacation packages for people.  There are many layers to your onion, and each layer is core to making sure you grow!  One layer of that onion is social media presence.  What do I mean by social media presence?  It is not just about being present online and on various social media platforms, it is much more than that, so let’s talk about it.


Many travel agents post their pictures of their familiarization trips on their social media and websites, while they are on the trip.  They find that the interest in the postings has increased traffic, likes, comments, and even inquiries about booking a vacation to that destination.  Why?  When people see that you have actually experienced a destination, resort, cruise, etc, this increases your VALUE as a travel agent.  It gives you first-hand knowledge and allows you to not just make good recommendations for what the client wants to experience but PRECISE recommendations.  The most successful travel agents out there always give PRECISE recommendations.


I personally have also experienced the power of social presence.  Every time my family goes on a Disney® vacation, the number of likes, comments, and people filling out quote forms on my website sky rockets.  I am making appointments with friends who want to plan their vacation, and answering questions from new people about one of my pictures and how they can experience that same thing.  Posting pictures of your personal experiences on your social media sites and website, increases your social media presence.


Next time you take that FAM trip, vacation, or weekend getaway, remember to:


  • Take a lot of pictures, including pictures of yourself enjoying the destination
  • Take video!  People love when you go “Live” or post a video about what you are doing
  • Give reviews on the food, excursions, rides, rooms, amenities, etc
  • Post Food pictures, they always get a lot of likes and comments
  • Post why this destination should be your followers next vacation
  • Most importantly, HAVE FUN WITH IT!