​​TASSLE growth strategies are right for you if you are looking to:

​​learn how to get more ideal clients

​increase your travel sales

​earn more commissions so you go from doing this part-time to full-time

​introduce travel planning fees into your business structure

have your marketing on auto-pilot so you are increasing your client list even while you are sleep

have a blueprint on EXACTLY how to implement each strategy

I believe the tipping point that pushed two clients toward booking with me vs a cheaper, online booking was Mary's suggestion to truly value my ability to assist my clients should they run into any issues while traveling. I assured them my goal is to make sure they enjoy the vacation they've dreaming of for the last 10 years, but if they thought they could get the same level of personalized service for less, by all means go ahead. Next day, two of the three couples booked with me.

Avril Eklund

Nellie Dog Travel

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