What you should know about a difficult client…

Have you ever heard of the term QTIP?  I am not talking about the stick with two ends of cotton, but the acronym Quit Taking It Personally or QTIP.  Sounds a bit harsh right?  Well, at first, I thought the same thing.  Then I realized, I don’t always know the specifics of what is going Read more about What you should know about a difficult client…[…]

Consistency, Courtesy, and Problem-Solving…Oh My!

All the business books I have read include is a section about standards. Standards are what help your business grow. If you think about many of the businesses that you patronize, you go there time and time again because you have become accustomed to the service they provide. You know that it will be consistent Read more about Consistency, Courtesy, and Problem-Solving…Oh My![…]

3 Tips on How to start the conversation

Being present and showing up, gets results.  The End!  I hope you enjoyed this newsletter.  I wish it was that easy, right?  It is not.  Showing up and being present is just one step.  Once you are there you have to engage people.  Engaging people can be tough, especially if you are nervous or anxious Read more about 3 Tips on How to start the conversation[…]

I’m going to tell you what to WRITE….

Let Me Tell You What To Write About   There is so much about travel out there in newspapers, articles, the Internet, etc.  You can get ideas of what to write about just by opening your inbox, if you are subscribing to various travel websites including those that cater to travel agents.  When you do Read more about I’m going to tell you what to WRITE….[…]

Social Media Prescence

Social Media Presence   Being a travel agent isn’t only about booking vacation packages for people.  There are many layers to your onion, and each layer is core to making sure you grow!  One layer of that onion is social media presence.  What do I mean by social media presence?  It is not just about Read more about Social Media Prescence[…]