This mistake may be the pitfall of your travel business…

I was reading an article the other week where this guy decided he wanted to start an online travel agency to just sell cruises.  He hired a website designer who built him what he wanted.  He advertised all over the internet, and did several forms of marketing.  Within 18 months of launching his business, he did over 12 million dollars in sales.  Did he have a background in the travel industry, no.  He knew how to advertise and market to build his brand, and quickly.


I don’t have a background in marketing, so if you are like me Subscriber, we struggle to know what is going to work and what is not going to work.  When something doesn’t work, we automatically assume we failed and tell ourselves we stink at marketing.  The truth is that when I stopped my marketing efforts, I saw a huge dip in sales.  Wait, maybe I wasn’t failing after all.


Here is the truth about marketing: you have to keep it consistent.  It takes someone four to six times to see something before they will take action.  It isn’t that your marketing isn’t working, it may be that you aren’t consistently sending out the same message therefore confusing your audience.


One thing that I have learned is to never do your marketing when you are in a funk.  I have those days from the moment I wake up I just feel off.  One thing after another thing seems to go wrong.  When you sit down to work on your marketing you really just want to do anything else.  I know, I have been there.  I don’t do my marketing when I feel this way, I work on other business tasks.  You can’t be authentic with your marketing when everything around you is out of whack.  Always do your marketing when you feel good about doing it.  It will be more authentic, and people will connect with you at a level that you didn’t even think they could.


Here are some tips to help you with marketing your travel business;


1.   Keep it consistent.  Use the same message, color scheme, and call to action so your audience can differentiate you from other travel agencies


2.   Keep it authentic.  I have said this before and I will say it again, people know when it isn’t authentic.  Only put together marketing material for your travel business when you are in a place of authenticity and love.


3.   Pick one to two days a week to work solely on marketing your travel business.  When I worked on marketing everyday, I felt overwhelmed.  Pick two days, four to eight hours those days and work on your marketing.


4.   Do your own marketing.  In the beginning of your travel business, don’t hire someone to do your marketing for you.  People will tell you what they think you need, but only you know what you really need and how to be authentically you.


5.    Know your products/services.  It is hard to market a product or service you don’t know anything about.  Our industry is amazing with the amount of supplier, consortia, and destination trainings available to us.  Make sure to take those trainings so you can really understand how to “paint the picture” in your marketing.


I am a huge proponent of constant education whether it is trainings, courses, webinars, certifications, etc.  These are what truly give us a good understanding of our ever changing industry.  I still take many webinars, trainings, and courses throughout each month, but now I look at them differently.  With each training I write down the points that resonate most with me, and put a star next to them.  I use these points in my marketing, and it has made a big difference in my travel business.



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