Too BUSY to do this….



I have always been huge on personal growth.  I feel that I can’t grow unless I fully understand the things that are holding me back.  I know that I am the only one who can figure out what is holding me back personally, but for my travel agency, I need more than just me to figure out how to make it grow.  The best way for me to gauge how our agency can grow is by what our clients are saying about us.  Finding out what they are saying is not always an easy task.


So how do you find out what they saying?  You simply ASK! I listen to what my client’s say to me, and I turned my business around.  In one year, my business was up almost 3000%!  A huge amount of growth in part due to me following-up after their trips.

I have some strategies that I personally use and I think they may help you with the follow-up.


1.   When you talk with your client the last time before they leave for their vacation, tell them you will follow-up with them a week or so after they come back to see how they enjoyed their vacation.  This plants a seed in their mind to make sure they keep notes of everything they liked and didn’t like.  You don’t want to call them the day they get back or even the next day.  We all need time to get adjusted once we get back from a vacation.


2.  If you are friends with them on social media, make sure to check out their social media pages.  Are they having a good time, what things are they doing, do they like where they are staying, was their a hiccup in the road.  This gives you a good gauge as to what you can expect to hear from them when you call for the follow-up.


3.  Send them a handwritten Thank You card in the mail while they are on the vacation.  When they get back, this will be one of the first pieces of mail they see.  In the card, tell them you look forward to hearing about their vacation soon.


Time and time again, I am finding amazing feedback from our clients just from our follow-ups.  If you are new to the travel industry and have not had the chance to travel to a resort, cruise, or destination, this is also your chance to get feedback about that experience.  Now you can personally sell it to your next client as “ Our clients love this resort for these reasons….”


I will say that you always want to be prepared.  You may hear some negative feedback from the client, but this ok.  It is what you do with that negative feedback that can change you, your travel business, and sales into a thriving travel business.


Until next time, keep being SUCCESSFUL!