What EMAILS are you sending?

What is an electronic newsletter?  An electronic newsletter is a newsletter you send out to your clients via email with VALUABLE information.  Many travel agents are already sending emails to their clients about upcoming promotions for various suppliers, but let’s be honest, we all can only take so many of them.  I get promotion after promotion from various companies I have signed up with, and after a while, I either unsubscribe or put them all into a folder that I never go back into.  This means I am missing out on quality information when the company finally decides to send out something valuable to me.  If you are only sending out promotions, your clients may have you in a folder tucked away, never to be seen from again!


So how do you avoid the “look at later” folder?  Write personal articles that will add value to your client’s experience.  When you are writing articles that intrigue or pique the interest of your client they will start to read them, ALL OF THEM.  Even the promotional emails.  When this happens, you have an engaged client who is thinking of you the next time they want to plan their vacation.  Even if they see a promotion online or on the TV, they think of you to help them plan that vacation.


I started this article out talking about what I was going to do with the information I gathered from 150 people at that vendor event.  When you do a vendor event, expo, trade show, etc, make sure that you are collecting the appropriate information, at least their name and email address.  Once you have that information, put it into your email marketing system like iContact or Mail Chimp.  Create a beautiful template for your electronic newsletter, and re-use the same template but change the content of the articles.  For example, this email you are receiving today is a template that I have chosen, but I change out the content with valuable information.

Stayed tuned for our next TASSLE Newsletter where I am going to tell you EXACTLY what to write about in your Ezine.


Until next time, keep being SUCCESSFUL!