What to do when Potential Clients are in the “Contemplation Phase”

Did you know that people know travel agents exist?  People think they need they need a travel agent to help plan their vacations?  But, did you know they do not know what you do for them?  I have heard this a lot from people when they find out I am a travel agent.  “I was thinking of contacting a travel agent to plan this vacation but I wasn’t sure what you guys do anymore with everything being available online.”

 When someone says this to you, they are in the “Contemplation Phase.”  What this means is that they are aware you exist, but they aren’t sure or sold on using your services.  When a potential client is in the “Contemplation Phase,” it is up to you to educate them on what you provide to your clients.  If you don’t properly educate or sell the person on your services, they will move onto the travel agent who does know how to properly educate and sell their services.  Trust me, I have had several clients find me on a leads program that our agency uses.  They tell me that they contacted other travel agents but when they found me, they knew they wanted to work with me.  It was all because my profile answered their questions, and made them feel comfortable working with me.   I have learned how to educate people on the value I bring to them as a travel agent.

 So how do you educate people on your services?  First, you need to know what type of services you bring to your clients.  This will change from travel agent to travel agent depending on niche or target markets.  You can’t be all things to all people, so when you narrow down who you are trying to target, then you can start to know what type of services you will provide.  If you still aren’t sure, there are two things you can do in helping figure this out.

  1.  Ask your current clients what value you bring in helping plan their vacations.
  2. Ask on social media what people are looking for a travel agent to provide to them when helping plan a vacation.

You can do either one of these or both of these.  Either way you will be amazed by the amount of information and feedback you receive.  Once you have the information compile the list according to what most people valued first and going down the list from there.  Once you have the list, you can start to using points on the list to educate people what value as a travel agent you provide.