What you should know about networking…

If you are like me, networking isn’t one of my favorite things to do.  When I first started out attending networking groups my elevator speech was all over the place, I couldn’t explain why I was better than the internet, and I would get frustrated seeing the people in my networking groups post their vacation pictures on social media.  The truth was, I didn’t know how to network.


I continued down this path for a few months before I realized that networking isn’t about me.  It isn’t about just showing up, giving your elevator speech, talking for a little bit, and then leaving the meeting.  It is about making connections.  Without making a connection, how can I ask someone to trust me with their hard-earned money?  I personally don’t hand over thousands of dollars of my hard-earned money to someone I don’t know.


Don’t worry, I am here to give you the answers on how you can make the most out of your networking so you too are making six-figures in sales just from networking.


1.   Make yourself a goal.  What do you want to get out of the networking besides more sales for your travel business?  Do you want to make lasting connections, do you want to use other people’s services to better your life, do you want more social interactions, do you want help with our business, etc


2.   Master your elevator speech.  I talked about how to master your elevator speech a few weeks ago.  Go back to and read that article to find out how to master your elevator speech so that people will remember your business without them having your business card.


3.   Make connections.  Get to really know the people in your networking groups.  I ask a lot of personal questions to people to find out how many kids they have, are they getting married, what neighborhood do they live in, etc.  What this does is show that you are getting to know them.  Next time you see them ask them “how are the kids?” or “how is your mother doing, I remember you telling she wasn’t feeling too well?”  People will always remember how you make them feel.


4.   Networking is a 2-way street.  I have many people in my networking groups that will not buy or use the services of people in the group.  They in turn struggle to make any sales, get frustrated, and start to jump from network group to network group, still frustrated.  If there is a product or service that you can use, make sure to reach out to the person to even just learn more about that product or service.  I have purchased many amazing products and services benefiting me too.


5.   Be authentic.  People can always tell when you are not being authentic, and this will turn people off from wanting to work with you in planning a vacation.  Remember, others in your group may be just as anxious about networking as you are, so relax and be yourself.


If you start to implement the steps above into your networking, you will start to see great results.  Maybe even six-figure results.



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